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Dig Deeper, 3rd Wave. Feminism is Hard.

written by Satu Runa (Based on her thread via Twitter) — 10/25/19

I was far more praised when I played along with what the public thought was an “acceptable” feminist (the “makeup/lingerie/selling your body is empowering” type). When I began lifting the curtain on these highly questionable phrases, I discovered that most of the messaging coming from the 3rd Wave (of liberal feminism) was counter to the message of the 2nd Wave, and quite harmful.

I fight for the laws that protect everyone, particularly the most vulnerable. The root of my activism will always be safeguarding and advancing women and girls (ie., WoC). This includes calling out any movement, action, or policy that potentially and/or knowingly harms women and girls. That is what a feminist does.

We can disagree on this, however, silencing and running away from those who point out the glaring flaws isn’t going to fix anything. Feminism is hard. And heartbreaking. You will be censored, doxxed, no-platformed, harassed, and stalked for daring to stand up to the patriarchy.  You will not be rewarded for such actions, and you must be keen enough to spot the sly obstacles masquerading as liberators.


“Unite Against Bigotry and Hate” placard from the LAX Muslim Ban Protest, 4/29/17

Today, women are doxxed from their jobs for making the most basic statements, like: “Woman is not a feeling,” or: “The sex trade is harmful.” The core tenets of feminism are under attack from the right and left, and we risk losing all of the rights we’ve gained due to many short-sighted people who never read any feminist texts published before 2015. The biggest lesson I’ve learned recently is how much people grossly underestimate just how deep the hatred of female people runs, in all of us. People are purposefully misinterpreting the history of Women’s Liberation in order to suit a patriarchal agenda. Misogyny resurfaced in ways I’d never imagined, like the left’s dismantling of women’s and girls’ sex-based rights. We all have a lot of conditioning to undo, which can take a lifetime. And winning back these particular rights could take more than a generation.


Protestors from the LAX Muslim Ban Protest, 4/29/17

Waking up to the years of gaslighting is the greatest gift to womankind. Once you follow the money, it becomes crystal clear why many powerful movements have turned upside down. No powerful lobby is going to sway me from seeing clear and present danger. If your position can’t handle criticism, can’t answer basic questions, falls apart within a few shallow exchanges, or does not account for the most vulnerable people affected, then it’s not a very strong argument. Dig deeper.

My takeaway after years of studying (and going along with) the message of 3rd Wave/Liberal Feminism: If your brand of feminism advances the patriarchy, it will be praised and rewarded, attract corporate sponsorship, and become enshrined into law faster than abortion/birth control, the vote, the right to associate, the right to an education, and property rights. And how could I forget: Equal Pay! We’re still not there. And while abortion rights are being erased state by state, women’s total liberation from the patriarchy has a long, long way to go. I will call out anyone purporting to be a feminist that fights to make this journey more difficult than it has to be.